Filter yourself

Witnessed some “kids” getting chastised by a new manager at work yesterday. One of them had dropped an f-bomb, and she told them “Guys, there’s a lady present. Please don’t use that type of language.”

It was very quaint and old-fashioned, and these dudes of course thought this was the most outrageous thing they’d ever heard.

I didn’t. I thought it was something they needed to hear, a valuable lesson in how society works.

You can’t just walk around saying whatever you please without knowing if the people around you are going to be receptive to it or not. It’s called tact. Manners. Restraint. Common fucking decency, ya know?

I wouldn’t speak like that in front of my mother, so unless I injure myself, I generally use clean language in mixed or unknown company.


Okay. Be a jerk, then. And you’ll be treated accordingly.

It’s not about censorship, it’s about having class and demonstrating concern for the feelings of the people around you. Do you have to say “fuck” everywhere you go?

Believe me, I cuss all the motherfuckin’ time, but I know when to restrain myself. I’m not gonna toss out a “cunt” waiting in line at the bank. I’m not gonna drop a “cocksucker” at a family dinner with a lot of old people around.

Seriously, people, how hard is it to self-censor?


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