They take everything…

Yesterday morning I asked a friend how his CBD oil business was doing. He was cleaning up for awhile, on the cutting edge of the whole boom that’s happening right now. I was happy for him.

Turns out the Feds essentially shut down his website by taking away his ability to process credit cards, to make a long story short.

Meanwhile, a good chunk of his former local customers are getting it from the same pain management doctors who claimed CBD oil was a placebo just months ago, he says. You know, before it got all trendy after they finally got it through people’s thick skulls that it’s not weed. Anyway, he barely breaks even after expenses now.

That’s how these things work; some working stiff sees an opportunity, seizes it, tries to advance himself, gets in on the ground floor before everybody else, and then the big dogs come and take it away. They can’t stand to let poor people make money.

Who is “they,” you might ask? Well, there’s a lot of “theys” and their numbers are almost exclusively made up of the rich and powerful, particularly those in positions of authority.

I look around and I see people(myself included) struggling, fighting to survive, getting shit on, getting ripped off, and all “they” do is take take take take take.

I’d go into some of my own shit, but I don’t really feel like doing that right now. Rest assured, though, they take. They take until you don’t have enough for yourself, and then they demand more.

Ok, so everyone already knows this…so what? The little guy gets screwed. “Breaking news,” right there.

Well, keep trying to get blood from a fucking turnip and pestering me for more money and I’ll quit fucking talking about it, fuckers! Fuck. These clichés exist for a reason…



  1. I nominated you for the Mysterious blogger award. Good luck! You can see the nomination on my page, the latest post. It has all the necessary instructions to win.

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