The obligatory apology

Every time the public overreacts to a celebrity making some kind of politically incorrect statement , they demand an apology. If one is made, they seem to be appeased by it.

Why? It’s a bullshit apology. Does merely going through the motions of issuing a formal apology magically make everything cool again, whether it is sincere or not?

Frankly, if someone in the public eye states a belief that’s deeply rooted within his psyche and then later apologizes for it, I lose some measure of respect for him. Either stand by your inflammatory words or refrain from speaking them.

And I understand that we all say things we either don’t mean or we speak from a place of raw emotion that somehow eludes the vocal filter we all employ in order to function within society. But if you’re in the public eye, people are going to scrutinize, and they’re going to judge what they find when they shine a flashlight up your ass. That’s simply how it is.

Former Oklahoma City mayor Kirk Humphreys recently came under fire for some kind of unfavorable comments he made regarding homosexuality. I’m not entirely familiar with all the details surrounding the story( see and I don’t particularly care, but his apologies don’t really hold water for people around here, it seems. Which I don’t really understand, because he’s gone through the ritual of the fake public apology that everyone is expected to issue after one of these things.

I think people are upset that he still holds the same views, that they haven’t somehow magically been transformed to fit the current standard of thought and behavior. He’s kind of half-ass stuck to his guns, I guess. His views remain unchanged, but he’s apologizing for them, or at least for the manner in which he presented them.

I guess you’re supposed to sound repentant, even if everyone knows you aren’t; that satisfies the public until the media offers up another sacrificial lamb(or goat, as the case may be)for us to sink our teeth into.

I don’t personally care what anyone has to say about anything, as long as they are not in a position to enact laws based upon their opinions. Even then, however, an apology issued for obviously deeply held beliefs means absolutely nothing. It’s a formality, a ritual meant to placate the masses. I’m not fooled.


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