Where are you, Rachael Passwater?

Don’t ask me why I have this. I didn’t remember until I found it in a box in my parents’ attic this afternoon that I did. It’s a 1987 newspaper insert from Shelbyville, Indiana, my dad’s hometown. Picture Hill Valley from Back To The Future and you’ve pretty much got the gist.

I spent many a summer there as a kid, back when small towns were not trash.

As I flipped through these pages that have only been seen by mice in the past two decades, I couldn’t help but wonder where these people were now, what they were doing, whether they were alive or dead, and whether or not they remembered submitting their artwork to The Shelbyville News way back in 1987. I’m halfway tempted to track them down via social media or people search sites and ask. Where are you, Rachael Passwater? What’s up, Aaron Armstrong? You still skate? Did you ever? Or did you just like to draw pics of people skateboarding? Do you still do that? Hey Tony Sheets, what did you Think about “Logan?” Ever get a ‘vette, Amy Coers? Gary Keen…what is that thing?

I’m going to find at least one of these people and satisfy some of my curiosity about them. Stay tuned. 🤔

< em>

Update: Found a couple of ’em!


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