The top ten most disappointing metal albums of all time

Notice I didn’t say “worst” because there are too many of those to list.  These are albums that I found to be huge disappointments from otherwise good bands.

10. Megadeth-Risk

Just an awful, awful album.  I take no pleasure in trashing this, but it deserves every bit of criticism it received.  It was a sad and blatant attempt to get back on the radio by making songs that were about as heavy as Sugar Ray and Crazy Town, and Dave should have known that was never going to happen, anyway.  I blame Marty Friedman, also, for turning into such a gaylord.

9.  Anthrax-Volume 8: The threat is real

Yes, the threat of a weak and mediocre album was very real, and Anthrax delivered.

8. Judas Priest-Turbo

The highly disappointing follow-up to the classic “Defenders of the Faith” is the low point of the band’s career.  They softened their sound and image, attempting to beat bands like Autograph(Turn up the Radio) at their own game.  Luckily they bounced back a little on the next one, “Ram it Down,” and then came back heavier than ever with 1990’s “Painkiller.”  Then Rob Halford left the band until 2004.

7. Iron Maiden-the X-factor

Blaze Bayley is a good singer for other bands, but not for Iron Maiden.  Some of the songs are good, or would be, but the vocals just kill it for me.  I’m sure Bruce Dickinson was laughing his ass off at the time.

6. Accept-Eat the Heat

Accept is doing just fine right now without Udo, but for this record they picked the wrong singer and squeezed out this turd of an album.

5. Queensryche-Everything after “Operation Mindcrime.”

Empire had some decent tracks, but it was still the beginning of the end.  Now we’re left with songs about Wi-fi internet connections:

4. Celtic Frost-Cold Lake

Celtic Frost attempt(and fail to)sell out.  At least, that’s what it seems like they’re trying to do.  Maybe they were way ahead of their time and were trying to be ironic.

3. Black Sabbath-Forbidden

Just an all-around shit album, really.  Nothing more to say about it.  A tremendous disappointment after “Dehumanizer,” but luckily “Cross Purposes” came in between to soften the blow.  I kind of like that one.  Who thought it was a good idea to pair them up with Ice-T?

2. Metallica- St. Anger

No, the problem is not the production, the whole thing just really, really sucks.  Musically, vocally, lyrically, everything.  Just a painful listen.  This parody pretty much nails it:

1 Six Feet Under- Graveyard Classics 2

An appropriate title for this album, because it should be buried deep in the ground and never heard by anyone, ever.  It’s Six Feet Under covering the entire “Back In Black” album.  Now, Chris Barnes is pretty much high all the time now, so it’s understandable that he’d think something like this was a good idea, but Metal Blade should have known better and put a stop to this idea before it started.  Horrendous.


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  1. Hello, I am a 36 year old man and I’m gay with tendencies towards metal music. It was my 9th grade year in high-school when I was listening to the TURBO album and it helped me to come out as ‘curious’ to a few close friends of mine, who were very open and accepting of it. It was a slow process, but I slowly realized that I liked penises in my mouth thanks to one of my friends who helped me come to terms with it–while listening to Slayer’s reign in blood.

    Though, I couldn’t come out quite yet because I had yet to realize it myself. So, I came out to myself as Bi-curious and I was that way until the end of my Junior year when I heard PAINKILLER, I had the hugest crush on Rob Halford and kept it hidden till a little bit into my senior year of highschool when I came out as a full Homo; it was thanks to this girl that I came out to my dad, who was accepting because he has an aunt that is a lesbian and a huge Priest fan.

    My mom never knew about it because she died my Junior year before I got the chance to tell her. Anyway, this guy eventually became my boyfriend and then sadly, only after dating four and a half months, he got the job of a lifetime singing for Judas Priest and broke up with me while denying he was gay to the world. After a very bitter break-up we no longer speak because things have gone on between us. But for me, things have gotten better because I now have a very loving and sweet new boyfriend whom I love and cherish very dearly. ❤

    The fact that Judas Priest is on this list is further proof you hate fagits.

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