You are not your characters.

I read a fellow writer’s blog the other day, and I won’t say who it was (I don’t even remember) but he’d made a post talking about how difficult of a decision it was to include the word “nigger” in the dialogue of a racist character.  Wait, what?  Racists say “nigger” all the time!  What’s the problem?  It’s not you saying it, it’s this person who (I assume) is portrayed in a bad light in your book.  And guess what?  Your grandma says “nigger,” too.  Lots of people say it.  It’s reality.  It’s not right, but it’s a part of life.  Do you want to write something reality-based, or something in which everyone uses politically correct terminology?  Because the latter is not even remotely based in fact.  If a scene calls for someone to be racist, then make him or her racist.  Don’t pussy out and censor yourself.  Remember, you’re just telling a story, you’re not promoting some sort of white supremacist ideology(Unless you are; In which case, fuck off, I don’t want you reading my blog, anyway.).  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  If your character has racist tendencies, you’re going to make him look like a right douchebag by having him say “nigger.”  No one’s going to hold it against you, unless they’re the type of person who gets mad at actors for what their characters do onscreen.  “How could you do that to Indiana Jones?  You asshole!”  Those people are called “idiots” and you should pay them no mind, unless they start stalking you.


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