My new novel is entitled…

“The Children of Liberty.”

In short, it takes place in the mid-eighties, and the protagonist is a teenage metalhead whose parents falsely attribute all of his problems to the music he listens to and send him to one of those “deprogramming” camps for “troubled youths.”  (You know, like Freedom Village.  That place is still around, by the way.  Still brainwashing and traumatizing kids; hey, some things never change!)  Anyway, it’s not horror, nobody gets murdered or anything like that; it’s simply a story about a group of kids who meet up in this place and band together in the face of oppression.  The place is called “Camp Liberty,” hence the title.  Now, I did say that it’s not a horror story, but maybe I spoke too hastily.  Some fucked up shit is going down at Camp Liberty.  The settings and situations in the book are loosely based on some of my own experiences, but not explicitly so.


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