I can’t wait to hear the new Anthrax album.

There’s a riff in the song below that doesn’t just resemble a riff from “Gridlocked,” it’s exactly the same.  People have been very vocal about criticizing this, saying that they’ve run out of ideas and have resorted to cannibalizing their old songs, etc.  I think it was intentional.  The lyrics to that particular part on “Gridlocked” are as follows:  “It’s been a long time, long time long time comin’.”
Think about this for a moment.  I think by recycling this riff they’re sending a subtle message.  “We haven’t done an album with Joey Belladonna in 20 years.  It’s been a long time comin’!”
It’s not rocket science.  I don’t see how people missed that.
Anyway, I think it’s really cool how all these ’80s thrash bands are coming back with “back-to-their-roots” albums.  Overkill, Heathen, Exodus, Testament, Megadeth, etc etc etc.  I’d argue that the last few Exodus albums are the best of their career.  And Testament’s “Formation of Damnation” is good enough to stand alongside their ’80s stuff.
In addition to this, there’s hundreds of great new bands out there playing real metal and getting recognized for it.  It’s a great time for a metalhead to be alive, especially if you survived the dark days of the 1990’s when everyone scoffed at your musical tastes and told you the music you loved was dead.

For comparative purposes:


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